Pastry and Cookie Doughs Reference Table

This is a reference table for deciding what to make, or making batches of dough for later use. It was going to be part of a page on Doughs and Batters for the Cooking Reference Tables section of my old site, but I never finished the rest of the dough/batter tables, so posting this one here on it's own.

All ingredient amounts are a ratio by weight, including egg. One egg gives about 50g of edible egg (without the shell); "large" eggs are slightly less and "extra large" eggs are slightly more. For this reason I advise weighing the amount of egg (as a liquid) when using 4 or more eggs as 4 x-large eggs are about the same as 5 large.

Name Flour Butter Egg (g) Sugar Milk Time Temp Notes
Shortcrust (pâte brisée) 250 175 50     10+60+30 180 Sweet or savoury casings.
Shortcrust (UK/US style) 300 200     100 10+60+30 180 Sweet or savoury casings.
Sweetcrust (pâte sablée) 250 175 50 125   10+120+45 180 Also suitable for cookies with a crisp, crumbly texture.
Shortbread 300 200   100   5+20+0 170 Shape before chilling, then bake directly from fridge.
Soft Cookie Dough 250 150 50 125 30 10+0+0 160 No resting required.
Gingerbread 350 125 50 100+125   10+30+10 160 100g of sugar and 125ml of syrup
Puff Pastry (pâte feuilletée) 250 200     100 45+120+30 190-200 Steam-leavened
Choux Pastry (pâte à choux) 35 30 50 5 60 20+0+0 200-230 Steam-leavened, pipe and cook immediately after preparation.

Further Notes:

  • "Flour" means plain or all-purpose flour.
  • "Sugar" means Caster sugar.
  • "Steam-leavened" means that the dough must be cooked quickly at a high temperature so that rapid expansion of water into steam creates air pockets (and thus fluffiness/flakiness).
  • Temperature is in centigrade, for a fan-forced oven (for other ovens add 20 degrees).
  • Time given as X+Y+Z is X minutes preparation, Y minimum minutes resting in fridge, Z minutes waiting to return to room temperature after resting. This does not include any time spent shaping and baking the final product, which will vary by volume and usage.